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Gracie, Carla's friend, Doug, and Carla Whiterock, Lori Piestewa's daughter at the Navajo Ramada
Twenty months after SOMETIMES HEROES DIE is written, and two hours into the memorial, FOP strikes! Fear of the podium.
Doug with Lori's father, Terry Piestewa
Danita Green, at the podium, singing SOMETIMES HEROES DIE. She was WONDERFUL!
Danita Greene, final rehearsal before singing FROGS DIDN'T HAVE GUNS at the evening reception
Doug speaking to the Piestewa family and the former members of the 507 maintenance unit who were sitting in the first row. There were about 400 other people listening behind them.
Piestewa Peak, shortly after daybreak, March 23, 2007, the fourth anniversary of Lori's death.
This was a special moment for me. I'm talking to Jessica Lynch and presenting her with a copy of my cd, RED, WHITE & YOU. She had her hands full at the time with her daughter, Dakota Ann. Dakota Ann. two-months old, was making her first public appearance.
Doug, Shoshana Johnson, Joseph Hudson, Patrick Miller.
Back: Joseph Hudson, Patrick Miller, Shoshana Johnson Middle: Percy Piestewa, Jessica and Dakota, Brandon. Front: Carla, Gracie
With Kim Copeland, Friend and Producer, Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville STAR Lance Miller on tour
With NEXT Travis to take Nashville by storm, GRANDson Travis